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Kangaroo Visits Willsmere

A kangaroo decided to visit Willsmere on the 30th January 2015, which is rather impressive so close to the city.

Photo from resident Jaye Chin-Dusting.

Walk on the Wild Side; "A Curious Incident" At Willsmere

In 1856, Ellen Tremayne, a housemaid, travelled to Australia aboard the Ocean Monarch. But Ellen travelled with a trunk full of male attire bearing the name "Edward De Lacy Evans". Was Ellen really a man impersonating a woman? Speculation was rife aboard the ship, with inneudo that he was forming "sexual attachments" with the women he shared a cabin with, including one Rose Kelly, Mary Montague, and Mary Delahunty.

Typhoid At Kew. Idiot Asylum Outbreak

The inspector-general of insane (Dr. Ernest Jones) has prepared a report in reply to criticisms in connection with the outbreak of typhoid fever at the idiot asylum at Kew. Dr. Jones points out that the first two cases were nursed by hospital trained nurses in the main asylum, and when the epidemic there had ceased they were transferred to the idiot asylum, and isolated in the hospital annexe. Directly it appeared certain that the idiot asylum was producing other cases of typhoid infection a hospital trained nurse was secured.

Typhoid At Kew Asylum. Peculiar Theory

Kew Lunatic Asylum. Outbreak of Typhoid Fever.

All efforts of the authorities to suppress the outbreak of typhoid fever in the idiot branch of the Kcw Lunatic Asylum have so far proved fruitless. Since the inquest on one of the victims eight additional cases have occurred, making nine altogether. During the present week three nurses on duty in the typhoid division contracted the disease, and also one patient. Out of 18 cases reported since the disease first made its appearance in the asylum five of the patients are nurses.

From the Kalgoorlie Miner, Thursday 1 August 1907, p6

Typhoid At Kew Asylum

Samuel Amess, Builder of Willsmere

Samuel Amess was the stonemason who received the contract to build Willsmere, constructed between 1864 and 1872. Initially planned according to the design of G.W. Vivian and Frederick Kawerau of the Victorian Public Works Office, worked was halted almost immediately with reports of inferior works on the foundations. An investigation followed and Frederick Kawerau resigned. Samuel Amess was brought in and continued construction using Vivian and Kaweru's designed.

New South Wales, The Cornwall Chronicle, 19 August 1863

New South Wales, The Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston, Tas. : 1835 - 1880) Wednesday 19 August 1863

NEW SOUTH WALES. Sydney, 12th August. The breach of promise case, Holmes v. Robinson, has resulted in a verdict for the plaintiff — damages £1OO. The weather continues very wet and stormy. Three bushrangers, one of whom is supposed to be Ben Hall, have been captured at Murrundi.

Tom Wills – Famous Resident

There is something sublime is Australia's favourite sports; whether it is the extraordinary pace and skill of Australian Rules football, or the sublime ritual that makes up cricket, these pastimes have a strange beauty.

J.J. Clark: Architect of the Australian Renaissance

A new book has been released on J.J (John James) Clark has been published by NewSouth Publishing, and authored by Andrew Dodd.


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