Kaben par Andre no Catharina.

Kaben par Andre no Catharina.

Istoria ida iha Tetum, Lingua iha Timor Lorosa'e. Ho inspirisaun ba Connie Willis.

Para Leonardo do Lafayette.

Bom dia hau-nia kolega,

Hau hakarak ko'alia istoria ida kona ba kaben par Andre no Catharina.

Istoria ne iha kona ba mestri bulak no labele sasan,
folia rai ida, lahatene rai, hanoak ahioan ida,
relojiu ahi ida (nebe tenki hadia), be buan ida, no
At-Loron Livre ne. Be ko'alia nada kona ba asu.

Andre iha mane di'ak, maibe tetebes kiak. Nia-nian
familia iha deit fahi ida no bibi ituan. Maibe nia
tetbes di'ak. Para di'ak nia-kolega ko'alia nia
Jesus-Andre. No Andre hadomi Catharina. No Catherina
hadomi Andre. Maibe Catharina iha Dato, no Andre iha

Lurai ko'alia, "Nebe labele sasan! Ita la kaben! Atan
la kaben Dato! Ne ko'alia iha At-Loron Livre!".

Maibe Mestri Bulak ko'alia, "Hau hanoin Atan bele
kaben Dato. Ne ko'alia iha At-Loron Livre sira tenki
halo labele sasan.Sira tenki hadia Relojiu Ahi,
ita-nia sakru relika nebe koalia tempu. Sira tenki ba
Lahatene Rai no hare Be Buan. Nia hatane hanusa hadia
Relogiu Ahi."

Catharina no Andre tetebes laran sasar no tuak. Los,
mestri iha tetebes bulak. Be Buan bele han klamar! Be
Lahatene Rai iha lahatene!

Maibe sira hadomi tetebes forti, para sira ba dalan ba
Lahatene Rai, ba foho, ba rai tetuk, ba rai ai buras,
ba moto, nebe Be Buan hela.

Iha loron ba monu Be Buan halo nia-mamosuk. Nia
tetebes estranhu; verdi aparisuan ida. Andre ko'alia
para Be Buan, "Ami tenki hadia Relogiu Ahi. Bele
tulu?". No Be Buan ko'alia, "Los, hau tulu ita. Maibe
hira iha tatutar klamar se ita lae manan". No
Catharina ko'alia, "Hau hakarak ho Andre nafatin. Hau
oferese hau-nia klamar mos!".

Be Buan tetebes kontenti. "Di'ak!", nia ko'alia,
"di'ak! Agora, hau ko'alia ita kona ba hadia Relogiu
Ahi. Ita tenki... Ita tenki... Ita tenki kaptura rohan
ida lorosa'e aban dia no tau iha Relogiu! Bwahahaha!
Ita klamar iha hau-nia!" No depois nia halo dansa.

Catharina tanis: "Fali! Fali ita tenki halo labele
sasan! Ita-nia klamar han orisada para Be Buan!" Maibe
Andre ko'alia "Kalma! Lalika tauk.. Ita
buka-hatene..." Maibe iha nia-nian fuan nia tuak mos.
Nia la hatane dalan ida liu problema ne.

Depois sira ba lorosa'e iha noite, ba ai mahar, ho
fuan todan. Sira lao to oras barak iha noite. Sira
kaer sira-nia liman, tamba sira tauk. Dia mai no
ahioan mai iha ai. Rohan ida iha aioan.

Fodak, Catharina hare asu ida aparisuan! Asu hare iha
Catharina no Andre no ko'alia ba Andre: "Tinan barak
liu ba hau asu katuas, maibe oan iha vila duni goza
hau. Maibe ida - nebe ita, Andre. Ita protejudu hau.
Agora, hau-nia asu aparisuan. Hau hatene ita serbisu,
no hau bele ajuda ita. Maibe ita tenki nunka ko'alia
kona ba hau. Tamba ema diak para osan, sira lae diak
los. Ita konkorda?"

"Ami kokorda!", koalia Catharina no Andre, no sira
tetebes kontenti. Asu aparisuan loa ba rohan ida aioan
no foti ho nihan! Nia depois loa Catharina se loke
Relogiu Ahi no asu tau rohan ida aioan iha Relogiu.
Depois Religiu Ahi hadia.

Catharina no Andre fo obrigadu asu aparisuan no fila
fali sira vila. Ne noite sira kaben no neba festa-bot
para sira kaben ho hahan barak no dansa. No ema
hotu-hotu tetebes kontenti.

(Maibe lae lurai ne, tamba nia iha mane krakat).

The Marriage of Andrew and Catherine.

A Story in Tetum, the language of East Timor. With inspiration from Connie Willis.

By Lev Lafayette

Good morning my friends,

I want to tell you a story about the marriage of
Andrew and Catherine.

This story is about a crazy professor and impossible
things, a promised land, unchartered territory, a
light raid, a fire watch (which must be remade), a
water witch, the Doomsday Book. And to say nothing
about the dog.

Andrew was a good man but very poor. His family only
had one pig and a few goats. But he was very good. So
good his friends called him JesusAndrew. And Andrew
loved Catherine. And Catherine loved Andrew. But
Catherine was a princess and Andrew was a slave.

The King said, "This is an impossible thing! You
cannot marry! Slaves don't marry princesses! It says
so in the Doomsday Book!"

But the Crazy Professor said, "I think slaves can
marry princesses. It says in the Doomsday Book they
must do an impossible thing. They must remake the Fire
Watch, our sacred relic which predicts the weather.
The must go to the Unchartered Territory and see the
Water Witch. She knows how to remake the Fire Watch.

Catherine and Andrew were very sad and scared. Truly,
the Professor was very Crazy. The Water Witch could
eat souls! And the Unchartered Land was unchartered!

But their love was very strong, so they went along the
path to the Unchartered Territory, over the mountain,
through the valley, through the jungle, to the river
where the Water Witch lived.

When the sun had set the Water Witch made her
appearance. She was very strange; a green ghost.
Andrew said to the Water Witch, "We must remake the
Fire Watch. Can you help us?" And the Water Witch
said, "Yes, I can help you. But you must exchange your
soul if you fail". And Catherine said, "I want to be
with Andrew forever. I offer my soul as well!"

The Water Witch was very pleased. "Good!", she said,
"good! Now, I will tell you about how to remake the
Fire Watch. You must... You must... You must capture a
ray of the sun at dawn tomorrow morning and put it in
the Watch! Bwahahaha! Your souls are mine!" And then
she danced.

Catherine cried: "Again! Again we must do the
impossible thing! Our souls will soon be eaten by the
Water Witch!" But Andrew said, "Relax! Do not be
afraid.. We will find a solution..." But in his heart
he was also afraid. He didn't know any way around this

Then they walked east in the night, through the thick
woods, with heavy heart. They walked for many hours in
the night. They held hands because they were scared.
Morning came and sunlight came through the trees. A
piece of sunlight.

Suddenly, Catherine saw a ghostly dog! The dog looked
at Catherine and Andrew and said to Andrew: "Many
years ago I was an old wise dog, but the children of
the village chased me and made fun of me. All except
one - you, Andrew. You protected me. Now, I am a
ghost. I know of your quest, and I can help you. But
you must never speak about me. Because if people do
good for reward, they are no truly good. Do you

"We agree!", said Catherine and Andrew, and they were
very happy. The ghostly dog walked to the ray of
sunlight and picked it up in his teeth! Then he walked
to Catherine who opened the Fire Watch and the dog put
the ray of sunlight in the Watch. Then the Fire Watch
was remade.

Catherine and Andrew thanked the dog-ghost and
returned to their village. That night they were
married and there was a big party, with much food and
dancing. And everyone was very happy.

(Except the King, because he's a grump)