A Tale of Two Conferences: ISC and TERATEC 2017

This year the International Supercomputing Conference and TERATEC were held in close proximity, the former in Frankfurt from June 17-21 and the latter in Paris from June 27-28. Whilst the two conferences differ greatly in scope (one international, one national) and language (one Anglophone, the other Francophone), the dominance of Linux as the operating system of
choice at both was overwhelming.

This presentation will provide an overview of the two conferences concentrating on the two items of particular focus. Firstly, the advances and use of Linux in the field of automated vehicles, which was prevalent at ISC, and secondly, health care data metrics, which was prevalent at the second. The presentation will also provide some reasons for how Linux has come to dominate in the field of research computing, and what threats and opportunities exist to its use.

  • A Tale of Two Conferences: ISC and TERATEC 2017. Presentation to Linux Users of Victoria, December 5, 2017