The New Government Supports Religious Bigotry

The new Victorian Premier, Ted Ballieu, has recently announced intention to change the Victoria's Equal Opportunity Act 2010 which ensured that religious organisations could not discriminate in the field of non-religious employment. As can be imagined since the law was introduced a number of religious bigots have been complaining bitterly that they cannot express their irrational hatred against women, gays, single parents or whatever group they have deemed morally wrong by virtue of their crackpot metaphysical speculations.

With their grubby snouts already in the trough of taxpayer funded subsidies for the various schools, welfare services and associated employment that such organisations provide, such organisations seek special dispensation to discriminate on top of their public monies. Whilst it is repulsive enough that these organisations engage in such bigotry, to make further claim for public finance is beyond chutzpah. Any organisation that conducts business in the public arena should be subject to the same laws of employment which prevent discrimination as any other natural or legal person. Under the guise of supporting freedom of religious bigotry, the state government is about to conduct a campaign of limiting freedom for employment for people, pushing them into a servility of conform or be punished.