Master of Business Administration

This largely consists of notes I've put together from my contribution in discussion forums and notes from course material at the Chifley Business School, an initiative of the The Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (APESMA), followed by PRINCE2 Practitioner notes, and then an Agile short course form Charles Sturt University.

Not being content with completing the MBA (Technology Management) and being on the Dean's List I went back a second time to do a Graduate Certificate in Project Management. The following are notes from some of the reading material.

Simultaneous to this I also undertook PRINCE2 studies (becoming a Certified Practitioner). There is also notes with a PRINCE2 flowchart and checklist, originally used at the Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing.

Plus Additional Business Management Material is an unstructured collection.

Then some notes on Agile Project Management from a short course from the Masters in Project Management at Charles Sturt University.

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