Rmpi and INLA: A couple of different R packages

Some R libraries and packages are easier to install than others. The typical method is to download the tarball and run R CMD INSTALL -l /path/to/library pkg1 pkg2 from the Linux command line or install.packages(c("pkg1", "pkg2")) from the R command-line after selecting from chooseCRANmirror(). But not every R package follows this contention.

For the Rmpi library also calls which version of OpenMPI you're using. Thus when installed this should be noted, (e.g., R CMD INSTALL Rmpi_0.6-1.tar.gz --configure-args="--with-Rmpi-include=/usr/local/openmpi/1.4.5-gcc/include --with-Rmpi-libpath=/usr/local/openmpi/1.4.5-gcc/lib --with-Rmpi-type=OPENMPI"). Of course, this does mean that the version of OpenMPI will also be noted, for example in environment modules.

INLA (Integrated nested Laplace approximation) for R isn't really that difficult; it will require R/2.15.1. Download the package and install as usual (e.g., install.packages("INLA.tgz", repos=NULL, type="source") - see there's a third method).