Baked Riccotta Cheescake

Recipe, Crust: 200g mixture of oat and wheat flours, 50g almond meal, 45ml olive oil, 1 egg. Mix and squish firmly until smooth into the base of lightly oiled spring pan.

Optionally add a small amount of yeast if you prefer a fluffier crust. The use of oat flour, with its soluble fibre, is to counter the cholesterol in the cheese (although ricotta is not as bad as others in this regard).

Recipe, Filling: Filling: 500g whole-milk ricotta cheese, 150g yohurt, 70g whey protein, 3 eggs. Mix, and pour on to the base. Cook at 180 degrees for 60 minutes; edge of cheescake should be firm, centre a bit wobbly. Let sit for quite a while until cake is set and cools. Actually, serve cool.

Many recipes call for cream cheese and corn starch instead of yogurt and whey powder. Cream cheese in particular will alter the saturated fat content, reduce the protein content etc. The proportion of cream cheese or yogurt to riccotta will vary the degree that the filling is softer.

Top with cherries, blueberries, strawberries, whatever. Mash them up if you like; it all depends on your taste. Add a teaspoon of cocoa powder with each slice; delicious.

Nutritional Information: Nutritional content is for one slice (1/8 of total), including topping. 1/8: KJs 1156 pr 20.8 fat 14.4 carb 18.9