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Installation and Issues With Environment Modules Compiled Under 64 Bit

The Modules Package is a set of commands and information files that provides a simple command interface for modifying the environment. Each module in The Modules Package is a file containing the information needed to initialize the environment for a particular application (or any environment information). It's awesome, and installation is easy. But there is a bug...

Topic 9: Managing organisational change

Change management revisited
Why and how do organisations change?
'Strategic' or 'planned' change
Managing change

Change can occur in many forms. It can be radical or incremental, planned or emergent,strategic or non-strategic. It can be top-down or bottom-up. The change strategy can use coercion, persuasion or power sharing. One of the greatest problems for an organisation that needs to adapt to new conditions is

Topic 8: Supervision and performance appraisal

The roles and responsibilities of supervisors
Developing effective supervision skills
What are 'performance management' and 'performance appraisal'?
Why appraise performance?
The practice of performance appraisal

Virtually all organisations are hierarchical. They consist of a series of levels of management, each of which is responsible to the one above it, and responsible for the one below it. Unless you occupy a junior position in an organisation you will be responsible for the supervision of a group of people whom we will refer to as 'your staff'.

Topic 7: Hiring and dismissing staff

Recruitment and selection
The recruitment process
Selection methods and their effectiveness
Dismissing staff: what are the responsibilities of managers?
Retaining staff

Selecting the right people is possibly the most important function of a manager. The future of any organisation depends on the quality and suitability of the people working for it. New people who do not share the values or the culture of the organisation are going to present ongoing problems of integration and management.